Famous luthiers – 3

Matteo Goffriller

He was born in 1659 and he lived most of his life in Venice. Matteo is well known for the quality of his cellos. His instruments were discovered around 1920 because earlier his creations were attributed to either Stradivarius or Guarneri.

He had 12 children and one of his sons, Francesco Goffriller, became luthier as well. Excepting his son, he prepared and taught two other luthiers: Domenico Montagnana and Francesco Gobetti.

He died in 1742.

S-a nascut in anul 1659 si si-a petrecut mare parte din viata in Venetia. Matteo este cunoscut pentru calitatea violonceilor sai. Instrumentele sale au fost descoperite in jurul anului 1920, deoarece mai devreme creatiile sale au fost atribuite fie lui Stradivarius si Guarneri.

A avut 12 copii si unul dintre fiii sai, Francesco Goffriller, a devenit si el la randu-i lutier. Cu exceptia fiului sau, acesta a mai pregatit si doi alti lutieri: Domenico Montagnana si Francesco Gobetti.

A murit in anul 1742.

Source / Sursa: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matteo_Goffriller

Photo / Fotografie


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