Famous violinists – 7

Arcangelo Corelli

He was born in 1653. His greatest merit is related to the fact that he defined the best techniques for bowing, fingering and postures for the violinists.

He never played high notes, no because he could not, but because he considered them annoying. Once, Handel asked him to play a composition which contained very high notes and he denied. Handel himself started to play and Corelli was offended.

At the time, Arcangelo Corelli was considered the fastest violinist. He died in 1713.

S-a nascut in anul 1653. Cel mai mare merit al sau este legat de faptul ca acesta a definit cele mai bune tehnici pentru manuirea arcusului, ciupire si pentru tinutele violonistilor.

Nu a cantat niciodata note inalte, nu pentru ca nu putea, ci pentru ca le considera enervante. Odata, Handel l-a rugat sa cante o compozitie care continea mai multe note foarte inalte, insa acesta a refuzat. Handel insusi a inceput sa cante, iar Corelli s-a simtit jignit.

La acea vreme, Arcangelo Corelli a fost considerat cel mai rapid violonist. A murit in anul 1713.


More about him/ Mai multe despre el: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arcangelo_Corelli

Source/ Sursa: http://listverse.com/2010/09/24/top-10-greatest-violinists-of-all-time/



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