Famous violinists – 2

Fritz Kreisler

The Austrian violinist lived between 1875 and 1962 and is mostly known for his Cadenza for Beethoven Violin Concerto. He is considered as being a technically perfect violinist.

He is one of the few violinist that died rich at that time, after surviving two traffic accidents: after the first one he had a one week coma and his skull was fractured and the second one, just few month before his death left him blind and deaf.

Fritz Kreisler was know for his politeness, feature that could be observed in his technique, plays and composition. You can hear him, here.

More about him on: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fritz_Kreisler

Violonistul austriac a trait intre anii 1875 si 1962 si este cunoscut mai ales datorita lucrarii sale Cadenza pentru Concertul de Vioara a lui Beethoven. Este considerat a fi un violonist perfect din punct de vedere tehnic.

El este unul dintre putinii violonisti care a murit bogat la acea vreme, dupa ce a supravietuit in urma a doua accidente de masina: dupa primul acesta a fost in coma timp de o saptamana si a avut craniul fracturat, iar dupa cel de-al doilea, doar cu cateva luni inainte de moartea sa, a ramas orb si surd.

Fritz Kreisler a fost cunoscut pentru politetea sa, aspect regasit si in tehnica, muzica si compozitiile sale. Puteti sa il auziti aici.

Mai multe despre el aici: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fritz_Kreisler

Sources/ Surse: http://listverse.com/2010/09/24/top-10-greatest-violinists-of-all-time/



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