Famous violinists – 1

David Oistrakh

He was born in 1908 and he was Russian. The year of his birth corresponds with the year of death of Pablo de Sarasate, reason for which he is also known as the reincarnated version of the last mentioned.

David Oistrakh became famous for his interpretations of Beethoven, Tchaikowsky and Brahms’s compositions. He had many Russian compositors as friends, such as: Glazunov, Prokofiev or Shostakovich. They all created special compositions for him and he honored them all with his talent.

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S-a nascut in anul 1908 si a fost cetatean rus. Anul nasterii sale corespunde cu anul mortii lui Pablo de Sarasate, motiv pentru care violonistul este cunoscut si ca varianta reincarnata a celui din urma mentionat.

David Oistrakh a devenit faimos pentru interpretarile sale a compozitilor lui Beethoven, Tchaikowsky si Brahms. A avut multi compozitori rusi ca si prieteni, ca de exemplu: Glazunov, Prokofiev sau Shostakovich. Toti acestia au realizat compozitii speciale pentru el, iar el le-a onorat pe toate cu talentul sau.

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Source/ Sursa: http://listverse.com/2010/09/24/top-10-greatest-violinists-of-all-time/

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