The cello – Violoncelul

The cello belongs to the same family of musical instruments as the violin. It also has strings and it can be played with a bow. This instrument appeared in the Baroque period as a need for evolution in terms of music.

This instrument can be usually used in all kinds of music (jazz, pop, rock) the sounds created being very complex. The first modifications that were made to a cello were realized by the most important Italian luthiers: Andrea Amati, Gasparo da Salo, Paulo Maggini and Stradivarius.

Usually the cello it is used to create a very nice bass effect. It is the merit of Beethoven that nowadays the cello underlines other sounds and its presence in an orchestra is that much important.

Violoncelul apartine aceleasi familii de instrumente muzicale ca si vioara. Acesta are corzi si la el se poate canta cu ajutorul unui arcus. Acest instrument a aparut in perioada Barocului ca o nevoie de evolutie a muzicii.

Instrumentul poate fi folosit in toate tipurile de muzica (jazz, pop, rock), sunetele create fiind foarte complexe. Primele modificari realizate la un violoncel au fost facute de cei mai importanti lutieri italieni: Andrea Amati, Gasparo da Salo, Paulo Maggini si Stradivarius.

De obicei violoncelul este utilizat pentru a crea un efect de bass foarte frumos. Este meritul lui Beethoven faptul ca in zilele noastre violoncelul subliniaza si alte sunete si prezenta sa intr-o orchestra este si mai importanta.

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Photos: Lutierul Simon


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