The evolution of the violin

The violin, as we already know, was not the first stringed instrument invented. In the same group of instruments we can mention the lyra of the Byzantine Empire and the viol.

The first violin had a Baroque influence. This model was thicker in the neck area in order to better support the tension created by the strings, even if nowadays the modern violin produces a much higher level of tension.


The classical violin appeared in the 18th century and it is also known as the modern violin (the most common model that we can see nowadays). The luthiers developed this art and they improved the way of choosing the wood as well as their techniques. Better strings appeared only in the 20th century.

There are also other type of violins, such as Stroh violin, electric violin, semi-electric violin and 5 strings violin, but more about this in a future post.

Vioara, asa cum stim deja, nu a fost primul instrument cu corzi inventat. In acelasi grup de instrumente putem sa mentionam lira Imperiului Bizantin si viola.

Primul model de vioara a fost creat sub influenta stilului Baroc. Acest model era mai gros in zona gatului pentru a face fata mai bine tensiunii create de corzi, chiar daca, in zilele noastre vioara moderna produce un nivel si mai ridicat de tensiune.

Vioara clasica a aparut in secolul al XVIII lea si este de asemenea cunoscuta sub numele de vioara moderna (cel mai comun tip de vioara observat astazi). Lutierii au dezvoltat aceasta arta si au imbunatatit modul in care lemnul era ales, precum si propriile tehnici. Corzi mai bune au aparut abia in secolul XX.

Mai exista si alte tipuri de vioara, ca Stroh, vioara electrica, semi-electrica sau cea cu 5 corzi, insa despre acestea vom vorbi intr-o postare viitoare.

Photo/ Fotografii:

Photo 1 , Photo 2,3,4 (Lutierul Simon).

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