Did you know? Stiati ca?

Playing the violin for 1 hour burns 170 calories. Impressive,huh?

  1. Playing the violin for 1 hour, helps you burn 170 calories. Cool, huh?
  2. A modern violin contains more than 70 pieces of wood.
  3. The name of the violin comes from the Latin ”vitula” meaning stringed instrument.
  4. The most expensive violin in the world costs around $18 millions and was created by Guarnieri in 1741.
  5. A violin bow contains up to 200 hairs. Usually, a bow is made from horse hair.
  6. The fastest violinist in the world is the American Ben Lee. His record is 13 notes/sec.
  7. The smallest violin in the world is 1/64. What? Small, small,small.
  8. The biggest violin in the world has 4,27 m tall and 5,22 m wide and it was created by 15 luthiers. Yes, it’s playable!
  9. The record for cycling and playing the violin in the same time is 60,45 km in 5 hours.
  10. The first strings were made from sheep-gut.
  1. Cantatul la vioara timp de o ora, te ajuta sa scapi de 170 de calorii. Tare, nu-i asa?
  2. O vioara moderna contine mai mult de 70 de elemente de lemn.
  3. Numele de vioara vine din latinescul ”vitula”, care inseamna instrument cu corzi.
  4. Cea mai scumpa vioara din lume costa aproximativ 18 milioane $ si a fost realizata de Guarneri in 1741.
  5. Un arcus de vioara contine pana la 200 fire de par. De obicei, arcusele sunt facute din par de cal.
  6. Cel mai rapid violonist din lume este americanul Ben Lee. Recordul lui este de 13 note/ sec.
  7. Cea mai mica vioara din lume este de 1/64. Ce?? Mica,mica,mica.
  8. Cea mai mare vioara din lume are o inaltime de 4,27 m si o latime de 5,22 si a fost realizata de 15 lutieri. Da, se poate canta la ea!
  9. Recordul pentru mersul pe bicicleta si cantatul la vioara in acelasi timp este de 60,45 km in 5 ore.
  10. Primele corzi au fost facute din mate de oaie.


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Photos/Fotografii: Lutierul Simon


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